To get things started, simply take a browse through the collection. Make a note of the pieces you feel might best suit your theme, style, taste or the vibe of your event. Then click on and fill out the Request Form (below the Contact tab). Tell us about your event date, the venue and the pieces you're interested in. We will tally up your items and send you back a custom proposal. When the proposal looks good on your end, you will confirm it with a 50% deposit. As your date gets closer we'll make sure the balance is paid and start finalizing the schedule for delivery and retrieval of the items.

It is best to put in a request well ahead of your scheduled event to make sure you can reserve the exact pieces that you hope for. We recommend booking at least 30 - 90 days in advance, but that is subject to change during peak event season and we can make no guarantees as to what is available on your date. 


At the time of booking confirmation, a 50% non-refundable deposit on the rental order must be made. This is a confirmation for Apples & Oceans to reserve your chosen pieces for your selected dates. Two weeks before your event, the balance must be paid, along with a refundable damage deposit. Then we will begin the process of planning and arranging delivery times with you.


Edits on your booking cannot be made any closer to your event than 2 weeks, and that is strictly subject to availability. Price changes may apply. We don't mind if you want to switch some things around but kindly ask our clients to keep the order edits capped at two times.


If a booking request is made within 2 weeks of the event date, a full, non-refundable payment is required at the time of booking confirmation. 


Delivery fees help us cover the costs of transporting your items in a safe and reliable way, and also afford us a couple extra strong arms from time to time to help us get your items where you need them to go. Under certain approved circumstances we will allow some items to be picked up and a fee to do so will be discussed beforehand.


Every order will receive a custom quote for delivery fees based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: order size, duration of rental, delivery specifics and location. This will all be discussed openly and transparently with the client at the time of booking when we have all the information about where we are taking your requested items.


Accidents happen. We will forgive in good faith the occasional splash of wine, or some crumbs from the wedding cake down between the cushions. In some of our outdoor styled shoots, the legs of chairs can easily get a bit scuffed. A bit of normal wear and tear is to be expected. Damages will be assessed at the time of retrieval and if something is deemed irreparable or causes us to remove the item from inventory and subsequently affecting another client's booking, we will bill for a replacement cost valued up to 4 times the original rental rate.

It is the responsibility of the client renting our pieces to ensure that they are kept indoors in a dry and secure location before and after use at the event. It is mandatory that no items are left outside overnight. We will review the care guidelines that specifically pertain to your venue, whether located indoors or out.


Apples & Oceans will be happy to complete transactions with you via e-transfer and cash or corporate cheque. No personal cheques will be accepted. E-transfers can be sent to Credit card payments accepted with a 3% surcharge for processing..

Apples & Oceans may modify these terms and conditions at any time.